Timber & Plywood

We offer chemical treated Douglas Fir and California Redwood timber for your cooling tower construction. Pressure treatment and structural grades are per CTI specification. Timber can be pre-fabricated and cut to your specification. Malaysian timber such as Kempas, Balau and Cengal are also available.

Pultruded FRP

Pultruded FRP is manufactured to CTI Standard STD-137. 3rd party test reports can be supplied to substantiate this claim. We can supply both fire rated and non fire rated; depending on your specification.  We have all of the FRP profiles used in the cooling tower structure.

Steel Structure

Terra Cooling Industries can provide any type of steel fabrication required for your cooling tower or other needs. For rust protection, steel parts can be hot dipped galvanized to British or American Standards while for more severe environment, it can be tripled epoxy coated.


All FRP components or parts can be made in either fire rated or non fire rated resin. For high temperature or very corrosive environment, we can offer FRP components with vinyl ester materials. We can also custom fabrication any FRP products that you need.

Fan Cylinder

Whether your requirement for FRP fan cylinder is 2 ft diameter or 40 ft diameter, we have just the fan cylinder for you.


Cold Water Basin


FRP (RTR) Distribution Header Pipe

FRP Water and Chemical Tanks


Fan Assembly

We represent Cofimco Srl  Italy (see Website fans; one of the largest axial fan manufacturer in the world. Fan diameter varies from 2 ft to 40 ft in diameter. Fan blades are made either in aluminum (extrude) or FRP (pultruded). Automatic variable fans are also available. Cofimco fans are used not only in cooling towers but also in air coolers/condensers, radiators, heat exchangers and for ventilation.

Fan Components/Spare Parts

Fan hubs, manufactured to ASME and ASTM standards, are available. It can be made in either HDG steel or stainless steel. We can offer any fan components/spare parts (such as hub boss, clamps, FRP seal disc, fan blades, hardwares, taper lock, hub plates & spacer collar) for any fan manufacturer; eg Marley, Hudson, Howden, SNR, MDI and many more. We are not limited to supply of just components but we can also supply the complete fan assembly. 

Gear Reducer

We represent (or can source) a large variety of premium gear reducer manufacturer such as Amarillo, Sumitomo, Brook Hansen, Highfield and many more. Whether it is complete gearbox, or just a helical gear or pinion shaft or any components used in a gearbox, there’s 99% chance we can supply it to you.

Driveshaft and Parts

Whether it is Addax, Amarillo or any brand of driveshaft that is currently installed on your cooling tower, we will be able to supply the complete driveshaft or just parts/components. We keep a large stock of rubber inserts and couplings that can easily be dispatch to your site.

Electric Motors, Variable Frequency Drives & Soft Starters

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Vibration Switch

Vibration switches are shock sensitive mechanism for shutdown of electric powered motor equipment. It is commonly installed below the cooling tower motor. Common brands available are Metrix, FW Muphy & PMC/Beta. Vibration switches can be wired to  SPDT or DPDT. Explosion proof “EX” models for hazardous area are available.

Low Oil Level Switch

Low oil level switch is all solid state RF control instrument used to shutdown the electric motor should the oil level for gearbox runs critically low. Common brands available are Murphy and Robertshaw. Explosion proof “EX” models for hazardous area are available.

Monitoring Unit

A Monitoring unit is a useful tool to have as it allows the user to monitor the “health” of the cooling tower. Monitoring unit can be installed indoors or even outdoors and it can also be monitored “online” via internet.

Velocity Transducer


TERRA COOLING INDUSTRIES can offer different kinds of film fill packs with efficient performance and minimum pressure drop. These products are made of  polyvinyl chloride (PVC) rigid sheets, which are added with UV Stabilizer and Bio Stabilizer. Our fills sheets conform to CTI Bulletin  STD- 136. 3rd party test results can be provided to substantiate our claims. Fills thickness can vary from 8 mils up to 25 mils. Fills are vacuum formed to get it desired profiles.


No matter what brand or make your cooling towers are, we are very sure that we will have the fill sheets/packs for you. We also have the software to help you with your cooling tower ratings.


Counterflow Fill packs normally requires gluing. To save transportation cost, it is best that gluing be done at site. Mechanical gluing type is also available. TERRA COOLING INDUSTRIES offers many different profiles. Thickness and sizes can vary depending on your requirement. Counterflow fill packs are either cross corrugated or vertical offset (low fouling type).


Cross flow film fills comes with many different configuration. We offer at least 15 different types of profiles to suit your cooling tower. Some cross flow fills requires gluing while other profiles require it to be hung on a steel tube. Thickness and length can vary. Fills with integral louver and drift eliminators are also available

Adhesive for PVC Sheets

This is a hazardous liquid.  Material safety data sheets (MSDS) can be provided with your order.

Glue Machine

We can provide various size of glue machine. Motor supplied can suite most site requirement. Hazardous motor can be supplied

Splash Fill – Cross Flow

Splash bars/grids are made in either PVC or PP materials.

Splash Fill – Counterflow

FRP Grids

FRP Grids are used to support the splash bars. It can be manufactured to any size to suit your cooling tower.


Droplet separator ribbing elements – drift eliminators – are designed to prevent tiny droplets from drifting away due to cooling air flowing inside the cooling tower. These products are made of  polyvinyl chloride (PVC) rigid sheets. Materials used for drift eliminators comply with CTI Bulletin  STD- 136.  Depending on the drift eliminator models, drift losses varies from 0.01% to 0.001% of the overall circulating quantity. Drift eliminator are stand alone components and pack length can vary from 4 ft to 12 ft (supports required).





We offer many different types of hardwares used on cooling towers. Hardwares are made out of HDG steel, silicon bronze, SS304, SS316 and monel. Exotic materials hardwares are also available.


Special screw shank nails are required to firmly secure timber components. Nails are made out of SS304 or SS316 with various length and diameter

Casing Nails

Casing nails are normally used to secure the FRP casing to the wood structured. The nails comes with neoprene rubber to prevent water leakages out at the nailing point. Nails are made out of SS304 or SS316 materials.

PVC Pipes

PVC pipes are available are from ½” to 16” diameter. PVC pipes are manufactured to BS, ASTM and JIS standards.  We can pre-drill holes for nozzles outlet at our factory.

Nozzles (Crossflow & Counterflow)

We can offer the most efficient nozzle available for used in a crossflow or counterflow cooling tower. Nozzles are used to distribute water evenly to the heat transfer area. PP materials are commonly used as materials of construction.


Water Diverter

Water diverter is used to divert the water back in the cold water basin. Water diverters are made of either PVC or FRP or Stainless steel materials

Horizontal Control (HC) Valves

Horizontal control valves are used on crossflow cooling tower. It is used to control the water flow into the cooling tower hot water basin. HC valves can be made out of cast iron, stainless steel and FRP materials.


Horizontal control valves are used on crossflow cooling tower. It is used to control the water flow into the cooling tower hot water basin. HC valves can be made out of cast iron, stainless steel and FRP materials.

Bearing Housing

We offer various types of bearing housing for your cooling tower needs.

Grease and Lubrication

TERRA COOLING INDUSTRIES keep stock of various types of grease and lubrication.

Seals & Gaskets & O Rings

All Types and makes of seal, gaskets and O rings are available.

Pulleys, Bushings and Bearings

We are stockiest for many reputable brands of bearings. Motor and fan pulleys are available in either cast iron and cast aluminum materials.

Shear Plates

Shear plate  increase the load bearings capability of joints in wood structures by increasing the bearing area. Shear plates are made out of non-corrosive nylon material.  Double and single volumes shear plates are available.

Close Coupling

Close coupling with flex element are used between motor and gearbox.  It has high degree of flexibility to accommodate mis-alignment.  The flex element will help dampens the vibration.

Sight Glass

Sight glass is highly recommended for gearbox driven cooling tower. It is best for the sight glass to be installed out the fan cylinder as it will be easier for maintenance personnel to monitor the level of oil inside the gearbox.

Float Valves

Ball for the float valve are either made out of plastics or bronze/brass

Sprinkler Head

Round Cooling Tower sprinkler head are available from 2 inch to 12 inch. The sprinkler heads are either made out of cast iron or brass.

Lightning Protection System

Lightning protection systems control electrical discharges by directing them through a low-resistance path to the ground, avoiding passage through parts of a structure and reducing risk of fire or other damage.  All lightning protection materials and components complies in weight, size and composition with UL 96 and NFPA-780 lightning protection material requirements for this type of structure.

Spring Isolators

Vibration Pads